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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ella's Big Girl Room!

It's basically done (aside from filling in the cubbies)...finally.  Looking into the room...

The dresser...

The bed and quote above the bed...
Photobucket Photobucket

Unfortunately, you can barely see the quote so I may have to go over it in aqua or dark pink, but this is what it looks like...

The storage unit...

The sign Gary made...


  1. Love it!!! So jealous that you are done... I am still working on Megan's BGR and it feels like I've been working on it FOREVER. Ella's room is so pretty in pink!!!

  2. Love the storage area!! Really cute room!!

  3. So cute!!! I would love that room for myself!!!

  4. At first glance, I thought the quote said "pretty girls are the happiest". Sounds much better the other way around!! Love the room!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the quote, love the photo area, love the bedding. You did great!