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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tantrums & Parties

BAD: It happened.  Ella threw her first ever tantrum in public today.  Two actually.  It was mortifying.  I always look at those people at Target with kids that are screaming and melting down and think, "those poor parents- I'm so lucky that MY baby girl NEVER does that."  Oh, but it got better.  Because her stellar behavior was rewarded by getting to go to a birthday party...where she proceeded to tantrum (albeit mini meltdowns) TWO more times.  Awesome.  Who was it that told me 3 is a million times worse than 2?  Oh yeah, everyone.  HELP ME.

GOOD: We went to Gavin's (Everett's bestie) 1st birthday party!  Isn't he so cute?

One of my very favorite families!

The theme was Southern BBQ, so I made Ella a dress to match the theme. :)

Jill did a great job decorating- everything looked so cute!

Ella had a great time running around...

Hanging out with Everett...

And hitting the pinata...

There was even a lady with a giant bunny.  See the kids that a bunny or a dog?!

Everett was his usual chill self (I love when he does this- it's the only time he cuddles!)...

Despite her questionable behavior, Ella was a happy girl most of the time!

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