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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Everett - 9 Months Old

Everett Cole is 9 months old today!  He continues to be the happiest, most smiley baby I have ever met in my life.

He has 3 teeth- 2 on the bottom middle and 1 on the upper left side.  He is CRAWLING (Ella was still only army crawling at 9 months) and CLAPPING!  I think he is on the verge of trying to pull himself up.  He is much less vocal then Ella was at this age, but he is starting to babble more and try out those consonants.

He is not a huge eater and still mostly eats formula and purees.  He does love yogurt bites and puffs, although it's a little difficult without a pincer grip!

He wears a size 3 diaper and 6-9 months or 9 months in clothes.

The love affair continues between the siblings, although Ella is *just* starting to get a little bit feisty around him.  Like she'll try to sit on him when he's on my lap or ask to be held when I'm holding him, etc.  She is also starting to grab toys from him and not being as good at sharing.  But in general, they are best friends. :)

He is similar to his sister in that he LOVES being around other people.  He is happiest when we are out, and there are lots of people around (just like Ella was).  Also like Ella, he has no stranger anxiety, and is not clingy or cuddly (boo!).  However, if we are home between about 4:30/5pm and 6pm...we are in for a major witching hour- he is so fussy and whiny at that time!  UGH!  Now that he is more mobile, he doesn't like the jumperoo as much.  He doesn't seem to have any favorite toy- really anything that is on the floor that he can put in his mouth (including the stickers that Ella leaves on the ground that he eats).  He does love the remote control, and the nasal aspirator from the know this thing (why do we even buy toys?)...
Even though he is WAY more active then Ella ever was (changing his diaper and putting him in his carseat are a challenge!), he also seems to like to chill.  He loves going on walks/runs and doesn't make a peep the entire time, and he loves to relax in his floatie in the pool with his head back, feet up, and chew toy in hand. :)

Ella and Everett at 9 months...
Prime example of how much more active Everett is...there are a bunch of pictures of Ella from her 9 month photo shoot sitting just like this- calm and still.  You notice how both full body shots of Everett have his arm up?  That is because we couldn't get him to sit still for A SECOND- Gary would sit him in that position, and he would immediately turn over, roll over, fall back, start crawling...I just had to do continuous shoot on my camera!!

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