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Friday, September 7, 2012

Crawling...and stuff

I got a *sort of* decent video of Everett crawling (if you watch, please mute your computer because my voice is beyond annoying).

In other Everett news, Mr. Smiley Pants strikes again...we were at Costco today, and again, as I was pushing Everett in the cart, he of course starts smiling at the woman walking behind me.  She says to me, "Oh my gosh, look!  He's smiling at me!!"  I cannot tell you the number of times a day people comment that he is smiling at them, or that he surely must really like them. ;)  It's very sweet, and while I'm sure he does love all the people he smiles and laughs at, you basically just have to turn your head towards him to get him to smile.  Which is HI-LARIOUS since with Ella, I had to do handstands, bring out clowns, dance, bribe and beg to get her to smile!  Ok, I'm slightly exaggerating, but she was definitely a much more serious baby.

And onto Ella...we went to a friend's house today, and Ella decided to make me proud by hanging out in (and I'm sure stretching out) their cute toy basket!

Apparently, my girl has quite the competitive spirit.  She rarely wants to be videotaped, and typically immediately stops doing whatever cute thing she is doing the second you hold up the camera, however, a friend posted a video on FB of her daughter singing Twinkle Twinkle, and Ella was sitting next to me when I watched it.  Oh heck no was that little cutie going to upstage her...she asked me to tape her singing it!  I asked her about 5 times if she was SURE she wanted me to tape her singing because I knew she would refuse when I turned on the camera, but lo and behold, she did this!!!!

And finally, we went to the lagoon last weekend, and I got this adorable picture of Ella and one of her very favorite friends, Cadence...

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