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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ballet & Tap

We started up ballet again!  We are doing it at a new dance studio so I was worried about Ella being timid since it would be an all new environment with a new teacher, but she did GREAT!  She didn't hesitate at all going into class and listened well.  The only problem came when about 40 minutes into class, they send all the girls out to change into tap shoes (which we didn't have yet), and both Ella and Aviela thought the class was over so they didn't want to go back in!  I really wish they would just change their shoes in class because I have a feeling this is going to happen again.

Our little ballerinas...

These are their ballet hands ;)

Let's stretch before class...

We went shopping for new leotards and tap shoes after class so the girls worked up a big appetite!

And here are the girls on their very first day of ballet over 7 months ago on January 28, 2012!

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