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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun with Friends

It's still way too hot around here, so we need to keep cool...

We went back to our old ballet studio!  We talked to friends with older girls that said our old studio is better for younger kids, and the girls have much more fun there.  After class at the new studio, Aviela said that she didn't want to go back there!  We really want the girls to love dance class so we're back at the old place.  We definitely made the right decision- the girls LOVE it there!
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I never want to push Ella to do activities that she doesn't want to do, but I really hope she continues to love ballet because it really is one of the highlights of my week to sit and chat with a good friend while we watch the girls in dance class- they are just too cute!  Aaaaaand, I think we'll do the recital this year!!


  1. That's funny, we went back to the Wed class there. Reese hates tap and every other studio does it as a combo at that age. Every time we got to that portion she would freak out! I don't blame her, I hated tap too when I was younger! Oh well! ;). I like South Coast even without miss Gina! ;)

  2. Too funny! I think SC is much better for their age. Ella actually loves wearing the tap shoes, but I need to return them- I'm kind of annoyed I bought them for no reason!! It is a bummer Gina isn't there- both she and Aviela ask for her.