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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everett Cole is 8 Months Old!

Everett is 8 months today!  We thought he was losing his status as the world's best baby due to the Vegas trip, and his ongoing fussy behavior, but he seems to be pretty much back to his normal happy self because...he has TEETH on the bottom!!!!!  I still can't really see them, but I can definitely feel the 2 sharp little teeth so they have popped through.  So we've become aware of another difference between Ella and Everett...teething never bothered Ella in the least- no fussiness, no lost sleep- Everett, not so much. ;)

 As you can see, he is still Mr. Smiley Pants!

He is really sitting well now- he tips over a lot less.  He loves the remote control, and he knows if you try to give him a fake one.

He wears a size 3 diaper and size 6-9 months in most clothes.  He eats solids 3 times a day and gets 3 bottles a day- he's not a big eater.  He weighs about 17.5 or 18 pounds (Ella weighed 18.5 pounds).

His big sister is still madly in love with him.  The first thing she says every morning when she wakes up is, "where's Everett?" :)

Ella and Everett at 8 Months...

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  1. So, so cute! I can't believe he's 8 months old!