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Friday, August 3, 2012

Photos of Kids...a True Story

It is a fact that it takes at least 5-10 photos to get one HALF decent photo of your kids (and that you will NEVER get a good photo of both kids).  And I will illustrate this fact for you...

Remember this photo I posted from Vegas (which you can see is only half decent- Ella isn't even looking at the camera, and Everett, Mr. Smiley Pants, is far from smiling)?

Here is what it took to get that half decent shot...

G: Ella will you please sit next to daddy for a picture?
E: I don't want to right now (you can see that she is very intently explaining to him why she will not sit).

Me: Ella please just sit next to daddy and smile for one second.
E: What part of no don't you understand?  I don't want to!

E: [moves even further away]
G: Ella PLEASE come sit with daddy and Everett!!
E: [pout]

G: Ok, I'll just move closer to her.
E: Oh no you didn't.  Get your hands off me.

Me: [begging] Ella PLEASE go sit with daddy and Everett...I will give you a yogurt covered raisin!
E: Fine.  I'm doing my fake cuteness though.

Me: ELLA!  Please stand normally and just quickly smile for mama!
And, the grand finale...

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