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Friday, January 6, 2012

Need Sleepy...

May I edit my last entry?  I've decided this new precious little bundle of joy may not be easier than Ella.  He vomited TWICE last night.  The first one was more a large spit up, the second one was a voluminous projectile vomit that I so fondly remember with Ella.  No, he doesn't scream at the top of his lungs most of the night like Ella did, but what he does do is writhe in pain after every single feeding.  For some reason over night, this means hours of constant VERY LOUD moaning like he's in torturous pain.  For mommy and daddy, this means no sleep.  Ever. 

And there goes the difficulty with two kids.  I would looooooove to take a nap today while Ella naps, however, I can pretty much guarantee you that Everett will be wide awake wanting to be held.

Has anyone else had a baby that does this?  Terrible writhing in pain after eating?  He is also EXTREMELY gassy and passes gas constantly during his feedings.  I thought it was my breastmilk, but we've also tried giving him 2-3 formula bottles in a row, and he does the same thing (in fact, the two times he threw up last night were formula bottles)...maybe a cow's milk allergy?  Maybe I should try soy formula?

I feel so bad for him.  I want to make an appointment with a pediatric GI stat because this seems worse than Ella's reflux.  He really seems like he is in terrible pain.


  1. He's still so little. Is he even 8 lbs yet? Until then, I don't think you'll even know what he's like as an infant. Your ped should be monitoring you guys closely all the way to at least 8lbs.

  2. Hey T - Cami was soooooo gassy as a newborn. It cleared right up after I started Similac Sensitive. Worth considering....
    I LOVED your last post. Coffee and wine are key....and I feel that way before bedtime so pretty often. "I can't take this for one more minute, go to sleep early!!!" ha ha. Hang in there. I'll text you soon :)

  3. That is exactly how Brice was...writhing, screaming, and arching his back in pain after I fed him. It started at about 2 months old. We started him on zantac and almost immediately, he was a changed boy. Maybe Everett has reflux? I hope he starts feeling better soon...poor little guy!! :(

  4. I second the reflux possibility! Sounds a lot like that..

  5. Yes, we still have frequent appointments- his next one is next Monday so I'll ask the ped.

    Ella supposedly had bad reflux, and she acted a lot different then him so I'm just not sure- he is much more gassy than her- it seems to be more of a stomach issue or allergy than reflux, but I bet the ped will give us Zantac anyway so we'll see!