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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Ella had her first ballet class today with her friend- it did not go well.  They won't let the parents go in the room (there is two-way glass that the parents watch through), and that did NOT fly.  So I had to go in with her, and then she wouldn't get off my lap!  Her friend marched right in and participated without her mom, but Ella wasn't having it.  I was so sad!  Of course, right after class she was right back to her old self, and she even said she wants to go back next week so I don't know what to do.  Do I pay for a class that she might not participate in (including the recital costume, which is not cheap, and it's SIX months away!)?  I think she'll warm up eventually, but how long will it take?! 

The two little ballerinas (or one ballerina and one ballet observer!)...


  1. I would try again when she is more like two and a half. Logan started at two and a half and was fine without me, but it took at least four weeks until she was actually participating in the class. She spent the first month basically just watching everyone else. I bet you a lot of the girls in Ella's class are closer to three and that makes a huge difference in terms of coordination and participation. Now Logan's class is full of three and four year olds, but you can still see a difference (though smaller) between the age groups. Though three year olds are much better listeners and participaters than two year olds. I think she probably just needs a little time.

  2. I think she is too young to expect her to be able to go into the class without your presence. Sarah did ballet for a long time with me in the room. We are not allowed in the class she does now (and haven't been for a while) but of course she is much older.