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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jute Wreath with Felt Roses

I made this adorable but easy Jute wreath recently for the front door.  Thanks, of course, to pinterest. ;)

Supplies for the wreath (from JoAnn or Michaels)...

I started with a thumbtack with a little glue gun at the beginning, then I just went around and around, adding a bit of glue here and there.  The only thing I didn't get a photo of was how you have to go back over the Jute with more Jute (backwards) because since the front of the wreath is a smaller diameter then the back, the Jute starts to slant and slant more as you go further around the wreath so every once in a while, you have to make your Jute straight again and go over a section you already did with more Jute...I hope that makes sense!

For the felt flowers, you just cut different size squares of felt, cut them into circles and then spiral them- so they will kind of look like a swirly lollipop.  Then you just roll it up into a rose!  I glue gun here and there as I roll.  I glued the roses onto the wreath.

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