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Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Fun in the Sun

Have I mentioned how much I love summer and busy summer weekends?  Ella had two playdates on Friday, and while I didn't get any photos of the afternoon date, I did capture all the fun she had with Paige at the Spectrum in the morning!
                                                                        (She kept telling Paige to "sit! sit!", and she finally listened!)

They had a blast playing in the water...Ella tends to be a bit leery of the water features, but thanks to the older and more sophisticated Paige going head first (literally) into the water, Ella followed right along!

Gary and I had an amazing time at our Javier's date night with three of our great couple friends, but I had to post what $27 buys you at Dave & Busters...
And actually, this is probably closer to $50 since we combined our tickets with another couple!!!  Oh well, I'm sure the bouncy princess ball is worth far more than $50 to Ella. ;)

After our great night night out, the weekend got even better because my BFF is in town, and we got to go to breakfast together WITHOUT kids!  We could actually talk and take our sweet time.  We ended our weekend with dinner at grandma and grandpa's...Taco Sunday!

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