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Friday, June 18, 2010

I Think I've Created a Monster?

When you have a fairly easy baby, who is VERY scheduled, you get kind of spoiled.  "Oh, I can be there at 10:15, Ella ALWAYS sleeps from 8:30 to 10" or "Sure, any time between 10 and 1:30 because Ella ALWAYS goes down right at 1:30 and sleeps until 3".  When will I learn that NOTHING is certain when you have a baby?

First, I don't know if she's teething or just turning into a more difficult kid, but she has been so cranky pants lately.  Whining, screaming before every nap and bedtime (which she never does), throwing things, refusing her solids...seriously...can the terrible 2's start at 8 months?  Ok, so it's only been 2 days of this, but it feels like a month.

Anyway, I had a courtcall this morning (one where I was going to have to talk to the judge) at 8:30, and they are usually pretty quick so no problem, I don't need the nanny until her regular time at 10.  This is how my morning went...

8:25 Put Ella down, call the court.
8:25-8:55 Shocked that I'm still waiting for my case to be called.
8:55 Ella wakes up after sleeping for only 30 minutes (she NEVER only sleeps 30 mins).
9:05 Ella is still awake and has somehow manages to get her arm stuck in her sleeper, which causes her to start crying.
9:06 While still on the phone with the court, I go into Ella's room to free her arm and immediately leave as Ella starts screaming bloody murder because now she's seen me.
9:06-9:15 Ella screams in her crib, and I can't do anything because if my case gets called, I have to talk, and they prefer to not have screaming babies over the phone in open court.
9:15 Ella falls back asleep, and I wonder why the judge has not said anything in about 15 minutes, as I'm thinking I missed him calling my case during all the screaming, so I say, "uh hello?" to which the clerk replies, "counsel, please stand by, the judge is in chambers on another case." How am I supposed to know that?!
9:25 My case gets called JUST in time for Ella to wake up AGAIN and start fussing. AAAAHHHH!
9:33 My courtcall is over, and Ella finally falls back asleep for the second time.


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