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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Times

Last night we went to the Angels opener with Julie and Ryan.  We had so much fun!  We don't get to hang out with them nearly as much as we'd like...I miss my BFF!  Julie and I were both either pregnant or nursing all last season, so last night, we finally were able to indulge in some margaritas...

Today, Ella and I met up with some girls from our mommy group at Woodbridge Community Park for a little lunch and relaxation in the sun (or shade for the babies).  We had such a great time, and get this, I met an adorable mom, who has a baby girl the EXACT same age as Ella (born 10.8.09) that was also born at Hoag, AND they live in our development!!  How crazy is that?!  I wish we would have known each other while we were pregnant.
And yes, Ella wore leggings, a tutu and a giant flower headband to the PARK.
So do you think the Uppa Baby Vista is getting more popular? (4 of the 8 moms had one!)...
Back to work...


  1. Hi! which uppababy vista stroller do you have? and why are they so popular? I'm just now registering at BRU and Right Start and there are soooo many strollers and UppaBaby has several kinds too. You should do a "registry must haves post" :-)

  2. I have the Vista...I think the G-Luxe and G-Lite are just umbrella strollers. The Vista is bigger and has a regular seat and a bassinet/pram attachment. You can also buy a carseat adapter so you can snap your infant carseat onto the frame. I LOVE my stroller! It's smooth, easy to push, easy to fold up, we used the pram a ton when she was smaller (it's good for sleeping in too), the basket underneath is HUGE, etc, etc. I hear the 2010 (current) model is even better! I have the 2009. The only downside is that it is bulky and wide so I do tend to run into things in stores! But any full size stroller is going to be on the bigger side. On a superficial note, I love the way it looks too...I have to admit that influenced my decision because I thought it was the best looking stroller. :)