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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bye Bye Hawaii

We canceled our Hawaii trip...a week before we are supposed to leave!  Julie and I have both been really stressed about flying with the babies and even more stressed about the logistics of being in Hawaii, getting all our crap to Hawaii, spending that kind of money for a vacation where we'll be in the room half the time, and most importantly, ruining the girls' good sleep habits!  It had gotten to the point where we were dreading the trip rather than being excited.  That's just not how you should feel about a Hawaiian vacation.  Soooooo, we decided to cancel our trip and instead, we're going on a shorter trip to...

                                               VEGAS BABY!

I know, I know...Vegas with babies?  But Vegas is trying to be way more family friendly, and Vegas has great shopping, pools and spas, right?   We booked Piazza Suites at the Venetian, and we're so excited!  They are 1,400 square feet and have TWO bathrooms!  WHOO HOO!

Ok so maybe it's not as beautiful or tropical or beachy as Hawaii, but Hawaii will still be there in a year or two or ten...please tell me that I will go to Hawaii again before I'm 40. ;)

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  1. We canceled a trip we were going to take before I went back to work for many of the same reasons EXCEPT nothing about our LO's good sleep schedule because we've never had that... you lucky duck. At least you are still going to Vegas - I'm sure it will be a great time!