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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Maui Day No. Two 10/20/15

We woke up at 4 a.m.! So I went to the gym at 4:30 a.m., then when I got back, Gary went running...and we were still at breakfast before 7 a.m.  The view from our room was absolutely gorgeous- I could sit on our balcony all day long...

We went to the breakfast buffet place, but we just ordered off the menu- it was expensive like all the other hotel restaurants, but the tropical granola with vanilla yogurt and berries was so good!  Gary got the steel cut oats with berries and liked it as well.

We were the very first people at the pool so we got our choice of lounge chairs.  Ella LOVED the water slide.  As usual, Everett wanted nothing to do with swimming.  Then we went down to the beach and sat under an umbrella (free for guests).  The sand is SO soft and it's a gorgeous beach (it's Polo Beach), but it's pretty choppy.  I remember the Four Seasons beach being very calm, so we may walk over there at some point and use their beach.  Everett doesn't care about the water because he could play in the sand all day!

We only stayed at the beach/pool for a few hours, and we decided to meet my parents in Paia because the Paia Fish Market was on my list of restaurants- it was featured on the show "Best Thing I Ever Ate". ;)  I thought it was good- nothing fabulous, but Gary and my dad really liked it.  Personally, I think my fish tacos are better- HA!  The cajun rice was pretty delicious though. We went in a few shops in Paia, a cute town, but nothing you can't miss.

We were going to try and forgo naps this trip, but we were too scared so we came back to the hotel so Everett could nap.

After nap, we headed to Kihei so we hit up the ABC Store (my favorite!) and got a shaved ice at Ululani's. They kids were dying for shaved ice so they got to have dessert before dinner tonight, which they were extremely excited about.  
The kids picked out outfits...Everett cracks me Hawaiian fashion victim!
We wanted Aloha Mixed Plate for dinner, but it's in Lahaina so we went to another Hawaiian BBQ Place that I had read about called Da Kitchen in Kihei.  The teriyaki beef was super good- very thin cut, the chicken was ok and the macaroni salad (my and Ella's favorite part) was gross!!!  So disappointing!!!  Our local Hawaiian BBQ is better.  Oh well.  The best part of dinner was the view because we got the food to go and ate it on our balcony and watched the sunset. :)

Gary took the kids for a night swim while I read in bed barely able to keep my eyes open because I was so tired!  Why can't I adjust to a mere 3 hour time change?!

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