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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sibling Differences

Perfect example of Ella's go with the flow personality...I heard a loud thump last night, looked at the monitor and saw that Ella had fallen out of her bed!!  But get this- she quietly cried for about 7 seconds, crawled back into her bed and fell right back to sleep!  It made me think of what differences I'm noticing between the two kids because I don't think Everett has that personality.

Nothing phases this kid.  NOTHING.  She never got a fever or even got fussy over teething.  No lost sleep.  Not much drooling.  She slept through the night early and once she started she literally never woke at night.  The kid can throw up and have a 106 fever and still not wake up.  She falls out of bed and barely wakes up!

We never had to swaddle her for naps, and when we stopped swaddling her overnight (around 4 or 5 months), it didn't phase her at all.  She never cared for a pacifier and could easily self soothe.

Going on vacation doesn't mess up her schedule at all.  Starting with Vegas at 6 months old, she has always slept fine in hotels whether it be in a pack n play, crib, bathroom, closet...doesn't matter.  She is super adaptable.

She's not a tantrum thrower and is a great listener.  She still lets me pick out all her clothes.  For her age, she's pretty good at sharing.  She's always been a good eater, loves vegetables, eats seaweed as a snack.

She's just easy.  I think it's typical first kid.  A pleaser.

While he is very good, he is much more high maintenance.  He was much easier at the beginning because unlike Ella, he never had a witching hour (worst 2 weeks of my life!), he never screamed all night for the first 8 weeks of his life, and he didn't have reflux or projectile vomit 100 times a day- he was a super easy newborn.

However, he has to be swaddled for all naps and night sleep, and only certain swaddles work.  We tried to stop swaddling him for naps yesterday since he is rolling, but he would only sleep for 30 minutes unswaddled so that idea failed.

He isn't very good at self soothing.  He likes to have the pacifier while he falls asleep, and often after he goes down at 6:30 or 7 p.m., he'll wake up crying two or three times, and you have to go in and put the paci back in his mouth (ella never did this).  His night sleep schedule is all over the place- he can wake up anywhere from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m., and sometimes he'll wake up twice.  It's maddening! 

Teething clearly bothers him, he drools all over the place, and he gets fussy when his gums hurt.  He also gets low grade fevers.

He's not a great eater.  It's always taken him a long time to finish a bottle, he's still on only 4 ounces (sometimes 5), and he doesn't always finish his bottles.

I blame gender on the differences...we all know how difficult men can be! ;)

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