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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funny Girl

I need to start writing down funny/cute things that Ella does and says for future reference since that is basically what this blog is for!

She can definitely dish the sass, but sometimes I feel so incredibly lucky about how good she is, and that I got one of the "easy" ones.  The other day, she was playing with this chicken that plays a song and jumps around...over and over and over...I finally said, "Ella!  Can we please turn that off?!"  She looks at me and says, "ok mommy" and turned it right off. 

Yesterday, she was using her "icing" pen to decorate her Melissa & Doug cupcakes, but she kept getting it all over the place so I said, "Ella, we need to put this away until you're older."  Instead of melting down, she gave me a really cute smile when I took it away so handed it back to her, she takes it, walks over to Gary and hands the pen to him while saying, "daddy, this is for when I'm older."  Awwww.

And the love affair between Ella and Everett continues.  I cannot keep her away from him, and she loves cuddling with him.

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