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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Everett 4 Month Ped Visit & Ella Sleeping...

Stats at 4 Months...
  • Weight 11.11 lbs : 25th percentile adjusted, but less than 5th percentile actual- he's tiny! (Ella was 12.4lbs)
  • Height 24.25" : 75th percentile adjusted, about 25th percentile actual (Ella was 23.5")
  • Head Circ. 41.5" : 95th percentile for both adjusted and actual- giant! (Ella was 39.5")
So the verdict is that this kid is going to be TALL and skinny.  I can't believe he weighs less then Ella did but is almost an inch taller!  Ella is now in the 90-95th percentile for height so Everett may be off the charts when he's her age...does anyone know a toddler basketball coach? ;)

Ella Sleeping

Two nights ago, we tried Ella's big girl bed again.  She cried/screamed and got of bed twice before Gary stood at her door and held it shut (since we didn't have a lock on it yet).  It was painful listening to her cry, but she only tried the door two more times and each time she couldn't get out, she crawled right back into bed!  No playing in her room, no crawling on the furniture, nothing!  Then she eventually fell asleep!

Yesterday, I put her down for her nap, she cried but immediately stopped the second I walked out the door and didn't get out of bed once!  Last night, she did not even cry when I left the room!  And once again did not get out of bed. :)

I wish we would have just kept trying the first time we switched her.  I think we were just so shocked that it was even slightly difficult since she has always been easy and a textbook sleeper that we didn't know what to do!  Now, looking back at it, this transition was easy too.  It just *seemed* harder then when we sleep trained her as a baby because as a baby she could only cry- not get out of bed! 

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