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Thursday, January 21, 2010

15 Weeks

Ella is 15 weeks old today!  She is changing and learning new things everyday.  She "talks" like crazy now.  Yesterday, I put her in the pack n play and ran upstairs to get a bottle, and while I was coming down the stairs, I thought she was crying so I rush downstairs only to find her laying happily in the PNP just talking away to herself.  She was having quite a conversation about something!

She loves all her plush rattle type toys, and she loves her daddy.  She also smiles every time she sees grandma.  She pretty much holds her head up on her own now, but it still gets a little questionable when you hold her more like a "regular" baby since she kind of lurches with her body.  She likes to sit in her Bumbo chair for short periods of time.

She is still wearing 0-3 month or 3 month sizes, but some brands are getting small.  She eats about 7 times a day and about 25 ounces total.  Breastmilk during the day and Enfamil Nutramigen formula for the bedtime and 3 a.m. feeding.

This week we've been stuck in the house due to the horrible rain storms (and tornado warnings on Tuesday!) so that's been a bummer, but Grace's grandma was still able to visit Ella for the first time on Tuesday.  She brought Ella a darling little outfit from Bassinets and Blueberries (which is a super cute boutique if you're ever in Costa Mesa!).

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