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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nightmare Hike from Hell!

For this weekend's hike, we decided to take the stroller for Everett, but to make it fair, we let the kids switch off sitting in it.  Well, towards the end, Everett decided that this was a GREAT injustice and had the MOST EPIC MELTDOWN he has ever had in his entire life.  OMG, people must have heard him from miles around.  At least he probably kept the mountain lions and snakes away.  He was screaming and crying either "MAMA!" or "I WANT TO GO IN THE STROLLER!" for at least 20 minutes.  Oh my gosh, I felt so bad that we were ruining this beautiful nature experience for all the people walking by (and probably walking miles ahead of us!). 

I will say, people were SO understanding about it.  I cannot tell you the number of people that stopped and said things like, my kid just did the same thing up the trail, or I've been there, or it's just his age. 

When he is in that state of mind, NOTHING will calm him so it just lasted until the very end of the trail.  Well, letting him get back in the stroller would have stopped him, but that was not going happen.  Will he ever learn that he will NOT get what he wants if he throws a tantrum??!!  Geez this parenting thing is hard! ;)

It was still fun though- we decided to attempt a super steep trail called "Big Red", and it was so unbelievably hard!  Gary and I both had to break near the top...but Ella, little miss energizer bunny, practically ran to the top!  It was straight up!  We were super impressed with her.
We made it to the top!!!

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