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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Expectations

Oh my gosh, this post from Momastery is so hilarious, and SO my life right now!!  I could have written it.  I did not schedule nearly enough camps this summer because of all my grand ideas of going to the beach everyday, doing fun crafts, frolicking in the yard...we would all be laughing and singing...I even basically stopped working this summer because I clearly needed my days empty to fill with fun...oh I was so delusional!

If you think your kids can be difficult during the school year, try summer when their routine is all off, they miss seeing their friends everyday, and they are with you every second allllll day loooooong.

The kids mostly fight and complain, I don't think we've done one craft (despite the 457 of them I've pinned on pinterest), and I can barely keep my eyes open after our beach days.  It really is so hard to carpe fifteen minutes in a row let alone an entire diem! ;)

I kid (sort of), we are having lots of fun days too, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "is it fall yet??!!"

All I know is that next summer, we will be all up in summer camp's grill.  All summer camp, all the time. :)

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