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Friday, November 23, 2012

Everett's FIRSTS!

Everett is exploding with "firsts"!  He had his very first Thanksgiving, at which he ate his very first mashed potatoes (and just like his mama, daddy and sissy, he loved them!)...

He started giving kisses on command...he won't look at Gary or I when you say, "where is mama/dada?", but he'll open his mouth wide and go in for a wet one when you say, "give me a kiss"!

He also did his first wave at Walmart today!  My friends like to make fun of me for my penchant towards Walmart, but clearly girls, it's a learning institution! ;)  I got a video of both...

And finally, we took Everett's first year smash cake photos, and oh my GAWD, they turned out so cute! Here is a preview...

My absolute favorite expression of all time...

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