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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Everett 11 Months Old

My boo boo is almost one year old!  He is babbling a TON now, and he has discovered his voice so he likes to screech and make all sorts of funny noises.  He doesn't seem to have any words yet- he says mama and dada, but like Ella at this age, not really in relation to Gary or I!  He shakes his head no, and he will stop when you say no...but then start right up again with what he was doing!  He is also getting a lot fussier as he gets older...what happened to my perfect never makes a peep baby?

His cheeks get bright red when he is tired, and he gets super cranky when he's hungry...just like daddy!  He stands, cruises and pushes his walker, but he doesn't stand independently or take steps.

He is eating a good amount of solids, but he still does not love formula so it's a struggle to feed him a bottle, and I'm sure he's not getting enough. :(  He wears a size 3 diaper and anywhere from 3-6 months (pants) to 18 months (shirts) in clothes.  We think he weighs about 20 pounds.

He still doesn't really have a favorite toy, but he loves playing with Rylee- she cracks him up!  And of course poor Rylee is once again getting chunks of hair pulled out.

Ella and Everett at 11 months...

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