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Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Party

The only photo I could get of Ella standing up because every time I stood in front of her with the camera, she ran away...
This is not her Halloween costume- she decided she wanted to dress as Snow White today, and since it was too hot for Everett to be dressed up as a lamb, it worked out better to keep her Little Bo Peep/Mary had a Little Lamb (or Little Miss Muffet if you ask her) costume clean for TOTing!

Crafts with Jack...

Ella refused to stand, and Jack refused to sit so this is the best I could do of all four of them!

Completely unrelated, but has anyone seen a bathroom with one of these?  BEST.INVENTION.EVER.  Especially when you have a potty trained toddler AND the baby with you...have you ever tried to get a seat cover on the toilet, lift your 3 year old onto the seat AND hold a baby?  Impossible.

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