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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ella is THREE!

My little 4 pound preemie turned 3 today!  We went to Disneyland to celebrate.  We headed straight to It's a Small World as soon as we arrived...

We went on Pirates of the Caribbean next, and Ella cried a little bit after the first dip...oops, hopefully we didn't traumatize her!  She seemed fine after the ride.

We went to lunch at Club 33, which I'm sure you are aware, is a very nice restaurant...probably not the the type of place where your 3 year old should run at full speed into the room and YELL, "I went poo poo mommy!"  Oy.  At least everyone in the room laughed (probably at me, not with me!). ;)

Next up, Alice in Wonderland...

Everett feel asleep in the stroller right after lunch so we walked around Toon Town, which Ella was not interested in at all (keep in mind, my kid does not like tv and is not very into characters- I know, weird).  I tried to get her to go into Mickey or Minnie's houses, but all she cared about was getting some ice cream!

After ice cream we waited in the ridiculous line for The Jungle, did anyone else know that there is an UPSTAIRS part of the line for that ride??!!  I didn't because (a) I have never in my life seen such a long wait for that ride, and (b) I would never wait in a line that long for such a dumb ride, but they tricked us because you can't see that the line goes upstairs and turns into a rat maze!

By this point, it was late afternoon, and we were pretty over D-Land so we headed to California Adventure so we could check out Cars Land.  I know nothing about cars given that my boy is too young to be into that, but it is so cute!

Ella really really liked this ride (I have no idea what it's called!)...

The BEST ride of the day by far was the Ariel Little Mermaid ride- it was SOOOOOO cute!  Ella loved it, and so did my mom and I.  I'm just upset we've never gone on it before!

And finally, we told Ella she could pick ANYTHING at Disneyland for her birthday gift. Anything. This is what she chose...
My girl is a cheap date!!!!!

On Sunday, we had a family brunch to celebrate Ella's birthday- it was so fun to have all the fam over!  Ella misses her cousins so it was great to get together...just look at this adorable bunch!

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