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Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh Everett

This kid.  It's still crazy to me everyday that your kids, raised exactly the same, can have such opposite personalities!  He still hates soccer (well, he loves soccer and is really good at it- he hates his soccer CLASS), but Julie somehow managed to get a super cute photo of him and Sydney...

He just started swimming lessons with Coach Mike, a former Olympic swimmer.  It's an intensive 9 day class that guarantees the child will learn how to swim.  But of course, Everett hates it.  I'm debating uploading the video, but it's pretty hilarious.  Everett is SCREAMING the entire time, and the coach just ignores him and makes him swim to the side or whatever.  The coach claims that within 2 or 3 classes (he's only had 1 so far), he will be fine, but I'm fairly convinced that Everett will be his first child EVER to be unbreakable.  If it works, he'll be able to swim before his 5 year old sister because we couldn't get them in the same class so Ella's class doesn't start for two weeks.

And finally, Everett is becoming a total sassy pants!  We aren't used to this because although I know this is rare, Ella does not have the sassy bone.  She is just not sassy.  Never has been.  She is literally the only 5 year old girl I know that isn't sassy, but it's just not her personality.  Everett has never been very sassy either.  Difficult, yes.  Sassy, no.  That is changing my friends!  The other day, Gary says, "Everett, you need to stop."  Everett responds, "No, YOU need to stop."  I kind of think it's funny.  Gary, not so much! 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that kid is lucky he's so darn cute! ;)

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