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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Spring Haps

Not much going on lately...bbqs, birthdays and soccer mostly...

Everett started a soccer class with Sydney...
As you can see, Everett wasn't loving it the first time, but he did much better the second class!  I'm glad we are doing this before AYSO because I didn't realize how shy he gets in a new environment, so it will be good practice.

We had the twins' (our neighbors) first birthday party!

One of the best things about having a birthday party at your neighbors' house (you know, aside from being able to walk home after drinking of course!)?  Being able to sit on your couch and watch one kid in the bounce house at the party while the other kid naps!

This is Ella when I tell her something surprising apparently?

My beautiful baby boy...look at those lashes (and blue frosting)!

You know those rare moments when the kids are not fighting over a toy or who gets the bigger piece of cake?  I actually caught a few on camera!  These two were being so sweet this morning...heaven...

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