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Monday, October 27, 2014

More Proud Mama- Everett Edition

I had Everett's parent-teacher conference, and to my great surprise, it was all positive feedback!!!  Let's just say, Everett is not the easiest child at home, but apparently, he is WONDERFUL at school!

He is either age appropriate or above age level for every category.  She said he is one of her "best talkers" (what?!), she understands everything he says, and he comprehends everything.  He maintains friendships and has two best friends at school, however, he and one of the other boys are very similar and have a very strong connection so she is trying to teach him to treat his friends differently based on their personalities- he and the one friend are very in your face and friendly, whereas the other boy sometimes needs a bit more time to get used to things.

He is age appropriate for fine motor, but while he does everything perfectly, he will often quickly finish his desk time activities so he can go play trucks or whatever because he is very "on the go."  Sounds about right!  Something we may need to work on later when he actually needs to sit for real school!

He is apparently off the charts with regard to gross motor skills.  He is the best in the class when it comes to playing ball, etc. (music to Gary's ears of course)- he will look right at the ball and catch it, whereas the other kids look away or close their eyes.  I told her daddy is very big on practicing these skills at home. ;)

And the most shocking part of his review...with great hesitation, I asked her about tantrums because he is going through another stage where he likes to lay on the ground and kick and cry whenever he doesn't get his way.  She said, and I quote, "I never see him tantrum at school."  WHAT THE WHAT?!  Who is this child?!  And how do I bring him home with me?!  She said at most, when they redirect him and ask him to go to another area to play, he immediately listens, but he gets the "you hurt my feelings" face and pouts in the other area.  Um, they get a pout at school, but I get a screaming kicking tantrum at Target?  WTH?!  He NEVER tantrums there?!  I'm just kidding, it makes me immensely happy that he is so good at school.  I will take a million tantrums to have be good at school.

Oh and lastly, apparently at school, "he is one of the best cleaners" and always cleans up.  Again, WHAT?!  Seriously, who is this child? 

So proud of him!!!!!!

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