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Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Fall! Pumpkin Patch 2014

We had plans to go to a really popular pumpkin patch, but there were about 200 cars waiting to get into the park so we scratched that plan and decided to go to a pumpkin patch at a local mall.  We thought it would be pretty lame, but it ended up being so great!!  It was adorable, and the kids had so much crowds and easy parking!  This will definitely be our new go-to patch.

Ryan and Everett had on the same shirt, and their dads won them the same toy...

There were tons of fun rides and games...

They had adorable John Deere tractors to ride, but all the kids were pretty bored because they were SO slow!  The ones we have at home are way faster, so Everett kept getting off his tractor because he thought it was broken or running out of batteries. ;)

The kids even rode the dragon roller coaster- it was super fast and Ella and Everett's first real roller coaster!  Everett looked terrified at first but ended up liking it...

Now, if we can just get some real fall weather instead of this 80+ degree BS, it will really feel like fall. :)

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