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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Soccer Saturdays!

It's finally happened...if I buy a minivan, I'll officially be a "soccer mom"!  Meet the newest member of the Orange Lightening team...

And some of the cuties on her team...

We weren't going to do soccer this year because, well, she said she didn't want to, and I was worried about us paying for it, and her refusing to participate.  But Gary signed her up very last minute (like 2 days before the first game), and not only did she participate, she scored TWO goals during her first game!!!!!

She was a rockstar!  I'm not sure if Gary has ever been so happy in his life.  I'm pretty sure Ella rocking it on the soccer field was better for him than our wedding or the kids being born! ;)

And I know we're not supposed to keep score, but if we *had* been keeping score, Orange Lightening would have kicked butt since we scored at least 5 goals, and the other team only scored one.  Not that I was counting.  HA!

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