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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Transitional Kindergarten

Ella had her first day of elementary school today!

I was so beyond worried about her first day.  She is very clingy when it comes to school (or anything new), and she still cried at preschool drop-off, despite having gone to the school since she was 18 months old!!

We have been talking up going to "real" school for quite a while, and she was super excited.  Still, I knew she would be the one kid who held onto my leg and cried...she's done it before.  Except, she didn't!  She was AWESOME.  She took a picture in front of her classroom door...

And lined right up with all her new friends...

Not a hint of a tear and absolutely no clinging.  Then her new teacher took them into the classroom (parents were allowed too) and asked that everyone take a seat on the rug, and she called one child up at a time to get a name sticker.  She asked that when she said, "good morning", the child respond, "good morning Mrs. S".  None of the kids did it...until Ella!!!  I was SO proud of her!!!  She walked right up to her teacher, and in a nice loud voice said, "Good Morning Mrs. S!"  Yay Ella!

Now, I've heard that a lot of times the kids are all great for the first week, and then it hits them, and they cry or cling to you the second week, but all I wanted was to make it through the first day!!

Ella's spot at the table...

Although we don't know her well yet, so far, we love her teacher- she seems so perfect for a kinder teacher, and I think Ella is going to adore her.  So happy about today!!!!!!!

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