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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences

It was parent teacher conference week!  I'm always a little scared for Everett's, but it went surprisingly well.  She said they think he has vastly improved since his last review.  Yay!  I don't see much improvement on at home, but if he's better behaved at school, that's huge!  She said he is super social and has 3 besties that he hangs out with and plays with all the time.  He is advanced in fine and gross motor skills (which I do see on a daily basis) but behind on speech- agreed.  He gets frustrated and bites sometimes at school, which is strange because he never bites at home or at playdates.  She said they think it's mostly to get the teachers' attention.  All in all, she said they love him and will miss him when he moves up in September!

I am never scared for Ella's reviews, my little "mama".  Which was a specific comment during her conference- she is such a mama bear!  She is apparently uber-social, very well liked amongst her peers and extremely confident.  Three teachers and administrators have told me that they think she will do very well with her transition to "real" school in September (thank goodness).  She apparently talks to all the parents when they drop off/pick up, and she told me a story of one parent that has a boot for a broken foot, and every day, she asks him how he is feeling, and when he gets his boot off.  She is such a sweetheart.  She is the "little helper' to all the teachers.  The one thing she needs to work on is focus- she tends to start a project/task and then goes on to the next.  Her teacher said she is just so interested in what everyone is doing that she is all over the place (hmmmm...sounds familiar!), so they are trying to work on her focus and staying with one project.  Makes sense since I have the 2 kids on the planet that aren't interested in tv!  I asked about her drawing ability because it seems that all her female friends are more advanced in terms of coloring/drawing, and the teacher said no big deal- she is just probably not that into it, and she seems to be the type that doesn't try at things that she thinks she can't be perfect at...also sounds familiar- damnit! ;)

And it was funny because the teacher asked me if there are twins in our neighborhood?  I said, "yes, our neighbors across the street, who she plays with everyday just had twin babies"...apparently, she talks about them constantly!  Coincidentally, we had them over for dinner last week, and Ella finally got to hold them!  They are so stinkin' cute.

Everett was really into holding one as well...which was a little sketchy!  And a little 'funny' by Everett...we just told him it was time for bed, and in the word's of his big sissy, he said, "2 minutes!"  HAHAHAHA!!!!

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