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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Photo Disaster

We decided to attempt to get some photos of the kids did not go well.  It started off pretty decent.  It was a beautiful clear fall day, which I captured while changing my settings...

And Everett didn't seem to mind this test shot...

I thought, "thank God, he's in a good mood...he's letting me take his picture."  However, he wasn't in the 'proper' picture taking with my sister mood.  75% of the time, he is super affectionate and will hug and kiss us and Ella.  25% of the time he will push you if you get near him.  And of course, we were in the 25% today.

He just wanted to do this...

If Ella even came within his reach, he would push her away, and scream, "NO!!!!"  Fabulous.

So it was, "Everett, do you want a lollipop/smarties/fruit snacks/crack (kidding)?"  To which he always replies, "yup" (it's so cute- he always says yup, not yes). 

"Ok, then go give sissy a kiss."
"Ok, go hold sissy's hand."
"Ok, go stand by sissy."

"Everett, do you want a treat?" 
And the conversation starts again.

So then I start to panic as the sun is rapidly setting.  And poor Ella gets caught in the cross fire..."ELLA!  GO FOLLOW YOUR BROTHER AROUND!!!  STAND RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AT ALL TIMES!  NOW!!!!!"

Ella starts whining, "I'm too hot!"
Me: "I DON'T CARE!  DON'T YOU DARE START UNBUTTONING THAT SWEATER!"  "STOP UNBUTTONING THAT SWEATER!"  "I swear I will throw away every single lollipop that I brought if you don't button your sweater back up!!!!"

Now everyone is irritated.  We keep refusing to give Everett fruit snacks if he won't cooperate so this happens...
You can tell by Ella's face that she is DONE. 

So she decides to take matters into her own hands...
And this, my friends, is why I will never have one of those lovely family portraits.

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