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Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Recommendations

I haven't done a recommendation post in ages, but I just have a quick few...

(1) Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nude 8: Since I can no longer get the Boots lip gloss I posted forever ago (so sad- my fav!), I've been looking for a replacement.  This is the closest I have found in color.  I don't like the consistency as much because it's that really sticky type of lip gloss, but the color is great, and it does stay on longer than the less sticky Boots.

(2) Roy's Happy Hour WITH KIDS: Yes!  Ok so we are THOSE people that take our kids to nicer not so kid-friendly places, so I want to give props to Roy's.  First of all, their happy hour starts at 4:30 seven days a week.  Second, the happy hour is AMAZING.  Their food is amazing anyway, but all their drinks are on happy hour, and a bunch of the delicious appetizers.  But finally, they were so welcoming and accommodating to us when we brought the kids to a BAR TABLE last night!  I was craving filet mignon so we planned on going to Flemings, but they don't open until 5, it was 4:40, and the kids were starving so we headed to Roy's (by the way, the filet was even better than at Flemings!).  No one gave us dirty looks (although the table next to us had 3 kids so our 2 probably didn't look so bad), the waitress brought FREE quesadillas and veggies for each kid, FREE milk in a kid's cup (just fyi, Javiers doesn't even have plastic cups in their restaurant- wtf?), and then after we finished, she brought each kid a FREE ice cream sundae with their names written in chocolate on the plate.  And lucky me, Everett didn't want his so mama got a free sundae! ;)

(3) Corner Bakery: I know everyone already goes here because it's kid-friendly, cheap and easy, but I also wanted to give CB props because Ella and I went there with some friends, and I ordered a breakfast sandwich with potatoes (you have to pay extra for the potatoes).  They brought a fruit cup instead of potatoes, and the girl said that they were out of potatoes.  I said that had I known I wouldn't have paid extra so she offered to refund the potatoes.  When she comes back, she said she refunded the entire breakfast for my trouble- how nice is that?!  So unnecessary, but these stellar customer service situations seem to never happen anymore (where did customer service go by the way?!) so I really appreciate when a company exhibits excellent service!

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