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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Night Success & Trouble Maker

First of all, Ella got up all by herself last night, took off her diaper, went potty, changed into underwear and went back to sleep!  I'm so proud of her!! 

We never night-trained her because, frankly, we're lazy and didn't want to have to stop giving her liquids at night, waking her up at 10pm to use the potty, etc.  Unfortunately, she hasn't been so into wearing a diaper at night lately, and she's been waking herself up if she has to pee so a few times, she's come in to get us to use the bathroom.  So every night, we've been saying that if she wakes up and has to pee, she needs to go use the bathroom herself and then just change to underwear...not thinking she would ever do that...but she did!  Hurray!!!!

Here is a random shot from Crystal Court a few weeks ago...

The other day, I was working, and Gary was supposed to be watching the kids.  Ella walks up to me and looks like this...

She got into my mom's lipstick and used MY concealer brush to put lipstick all over her face.  So I walk into the family room to find Everett quietly drinking milk with completely pink cheeks!
It's kind of hard to see, but that is left cheek completely covered in lipstick- ugh!

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