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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bye Bye NP!

Our house is officially sold!  It looks like this now...

I left this on the counter for the new owners...

I know I'm supposed to be really sad since it WAS the first house we bought together, the house we brought both kids home to and the only house the kids have ever lived in, but I'm just happy to be out of there!  I am sad to leave my friends in the hood, but I think my excitement over the new house overshadows everything!  Gary and I were talking about all the totally random things we are SO excited about...
  • Street parking.  Yup.  You can park all over the place in our new neighborhood, unlike most of the neighborhoods in our old city where there is nowhere to park so your guests have to park miles away or risk getting ticketed.
  • Not being gated!  This doesn't really affect us, but I always felt bad when my friends had to wait forever to get in.
  • A HUGE non-tandem driveway (one of our biggest excitements) more moving cars around because the person in front needs to leave...yippee!!!!
  • A 3-car garage...might I actually know what it's like to park inside a garage??
  • Single story dream come true!
  • A dedicated playroom with doors to close it up and not see it...dreamy.
  • A real more walking into the living room- the most exciting part to me.  And yes, I know being this excited about an entryway is weird.
  • NO MORE CARPET.  Best.thing.ever.
There are a million more things that are more traditional, but that's just some of the more odd things. :)

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