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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

School Days

Ella's first day in the Orange Room!

She is such a big girl now!  3.5 has definitely been our most challenging age, but she has such a good heart.  The other day, she got two gummy vitamins, and Everett only got one.  She thought Everett was sad that she got more than him, so she gave him her second vitamin!!  Melts my heart. :)

And here is what happened to Everett at school today...
No, he didn't fall into a rose bush...another kid did that to him!!!  I was NOT pleased when I picked him up, to say the least.  Gary has decided he needs to start MMA...first he was getting bitten at school, now scratched by some brat!  Don't ask me how he got that beat up before someone noticed he was being attacked?! 

Anyway, after that ordeal, we went to the doctor for an audiological exam and ENT evaluation.  Good news...he responded very well to the hearing test and is hearing within normal range, and the ENT said he does not need tubes in his ears!  Yay!  The doctor said that if he gets ear infections this summer, he *might* need tubes, but we're in the clear for now.  He did SO well during the audiological exam- he sat still, let her put things in his ears and didn't cry at all.  I was so proud of him. 

And also good news, he has only gone to two speech therapy appointments, and they therapist said she thinks he might be done with therapy by August!  He is learning really quickly, and every time he is there, he says new words.  His behavior is also improving- today he sat for quite awhile and played blocks with the therapist, even though it was adult-led (she works to get him to understand basically that they are playing by her rules, which he must follow and not get frustrated and run to me). 

My babies are growing up!

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  1. Holy guacamole! Poor Everett! That looks pretty awful!