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Friday, June 21, 2013

I have a confession to make...

I let Ella wear this out in public...all day...

Not only is it character clothing (which I swore I would never let her wear), that is a NIGHTGOWN!  So I let my child wear character pajamas out in public!  Oh, and the flip flops are Ariel too.  Yup.  Never say never people.

And a school update...

Ella came home after her first day of Orange Room and gushed about how much she LOOOOOOVES orange room and LOOOOOOOOVES her new teachers.  It made me so happy because I was very worried about the transition since she has been in the same room with the same teachers for 2 years.

As for Everett, I did want to clear up some things about the whole face attack incident because so many people have asked me about it.  We LOVE the kids' school, and we LOVE their teachers.  So I didn't want to give the impression that I was blaming the school/teachers.  I did talk to the director of the school.  She said that he was in the buggy (kind of a large stroller type thing that holds 4 kids- 2 rows of 2) and as soon as the teacher heard him cry out, she stopped the buggy and got him out.  The buggy has a big sun shade over it so it's just like how if you have the sun shade over the child in your stroller, you can't really see them.  They said that they were absolutely shocked that the child did that because s/he has never ever done anything like that before, and they did talk to the parents about it.  They are also leaving an empty seat next to Everett for a while to prevent anything similar from happening.

Two of my close friends are starting their kids in Everett's room this summer so I didn't want them to think it's a war zone in there!  Haha!

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