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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a Weekend!

First we had soccer, which is always kind of a disaster because about 10 minutes into the hour long class, Ella is over it.  And I can't say I blame her because soccer is boooooooring.  We have one more class, and then we get to start ballet again- yippee!!!  We both have a lot more fun at ballet. :)

I think Everett may be more of the soccer star...he was dribbling the ball all over the place!  Ella will barely dribble NOW, and she definitely wouldn't have done it at 14 months!

Then we went to a little post-Valentine's Day get together, but of course I only remembered to take photos right when we got there so I missed getting a pick of all 8 kids together- bummer!

The next day we were just pulling into the Spectrum to meet up with friends, when Ella started whining, "mommy!"  I turn around and tears are running down her face.  I ask her what's wrong, and she says, "I PUT A CHEERIO IN MY NOSE."  That's right, she got a cheerio stuck up her nose right as we are about to park.  First of all, what almost 3.5 year old even does that?!  I mean if it was Everett, I could kind of understand, but Ella knows better, and it's so unlike her to do something like that!

Gary decides we need to go to the ER, and Ella starts crying hysterically that she wants to see Hannah and doesn't want to go home.  So I figure we should at least try to get it out ourselves so we bought some tweezers (btw, I will now keep tweezers in my purse at all times).  And here is where all those years of playing the game Operation paid off...I got the cheerio out on my first try!  I should be a surgeon. ;)  So the day was saved, and Ella was super happy that she still got to play with Hannah.

But then, we went to dinner at Great Maple with my parents.  It's not super fancy, but it is a nicer restaurant.  All of sudden, Everett starts full on Exorcist projectile vomiting all over himself and the floor.  Seriously, like everything he has eaten all day.  It's EVERYWHERE.  The beyotch old lady across from us has her mouth dropped open and starts rolling her eyes (geez, so sorry my baby dare vomit in your presence- it was totally on purpose you old bat).  I get it if the kids were yelling or misbehaving, but they were both perfectly quiet and well-behaved...even as he was vomiting, Everett didn't cry or yell!

And of course, I had literally NOTHING with me.  Not a onesie, an extra shirt, NOTHING.  We have to strip Everett because his outfit was completely soaking wet, so now I'm holding a naked baby in the middle of this nice-ish restaurant (and we were at the very middle table).  My mom had to run to Nordstrom to purchase some pjs for him, and of course to top off the night, the cheapest plain cotton pjs at Nordstrom were $35.  Really?  UGH!  At least the waiter and poor guy who had to mop up the gallons of vomit were super nice about it, as I was profusely apologizing, as was the lady sitting next to us, who also had a baby and understood our predicament.

Needless to say, although we had some fun moments, it definitely wasn't our best weekend!

Here are a few outfits from last week...

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  1. ok the cheerio and the vomit story has my eyes watering right now from almost choking from laughing so hard. been there with the vomit, but no cheerio in nose...yet!!