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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Target Finds

I just have to say that I ran into Target yesterday to pick up some Pedialyte and somehow ended up buying two bags of clothes for myself, Ella and Everett!  They have some really cute tops right now in case anyone is interested.  Also, 70% off a bunch of cute jewelry.  Also, a bunch of kids clothes on sale.  Here is the first sweater I got for casual kid days...I love it!  It's even cuter in person (it's a large-ish weave, and the ends of the arms and collar are a twisted t-shirt material)...

I know I'm trying to get away from wearing yoga pants, but in my defense, (a) I literally did not leave the house today except to go running so I was sitting on my bed in a robe working all day long; (b) it was raining today (hence the rubber thongs- my official rain footwear); and (c) I was only going to pick up the kids and then back home so I wasn't going to get all dressed and jewelry-ed up for that. ;)

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