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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleepy & Outfits

I forgot to post this photo when Ella was sick last weekend, but this is the first time EVER that she has slept on know those kids you see at the mall sleeping in their stroller or at Disneyland sleeping on their dad's arms?  Well, that's not my kid.  She never slept anywhere except her crib (and carseat when she was really young).  So although it was super uncomfortable, it was kind of nice!  Notice the graham cracker still in hand. :)

And this is when she started to feel better. :)

My new flannel button down from ON (which as of today were still on sale for $15 if you want one!).  I wore it with my new knee-high boots when we went to dinner at our friends' house, but I forgot to take a pic!

My casual need to get dressed quick weekend outfit...

Errands with the fam outfit...

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