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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everett & Outfits...

I got in trouble from my mom for posting outfit photos of myself instead of photos of the kids, but I swear, we are taking zero photos, and January is our month of rest!  We are taking a break from ballet, soccer doesn't start until next weekend (um, maybe since it's supposed to rain), Ella was super sick all last weekend, we aren't doing any big outings (like Disneyland, visiting Santa, holiday parties, etc.) and when we are hanging out with friends, we aren't taking photos! 

We are spending any and all free time doing house projects (painting, fixing, cleaning, organizing) because we are trying to list our house in less than a month!  So, sorry!

However, a few things about Everett...the kid LOVES fish- isn't that weird?  Like seriously, any fish.  He inhales it.  He really should like every type of food because the kid eats like a linebacker.  I'm  not kidding you, he eats about 3x the amount Ella does.  Teenage years are going to be expensive! ;)

Also, his hair keeps getting more and more curly- it's adorable.  Check this out!

And finally, today's outfit.  Which is funny because it was raining, but this is pretty much uniform when it's raining.  I wear capris so the bottom of my pants don't get wet, and since I don't own rain boots, I usually wear rubber thongs so my shoes don't get wet (I stepped it up a notch and wore sandals since they aren't leather anyway).  I wore a scarf...

But here is a photo without the scarf so you can see my new Old Navy shirt, which I highly recommend because it's cheap, comfortable and cute!


  1. He is so cute! F LOVES fish too - but she's otherwise a picky eater. They say fish makes you smart!!!

  2. I'm loving the outfit pics...they give me good ideas!!:)
    I can't believe how curly Everett's hair is!! Curly Q! So cute. :)
    Glad to hear Ella's feeling better...Brett was throwing up earlier in the week, too. :(