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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Proud Mama- 1st Day of School

Today was Everett's first day of school (really daycare- the infant/toddler program at Ella's school).  I was (and am) a little worried about starting him so young, especially since all the babies just crawl around and put all the same toys in their mouth (gross!), and Ella didn't start until 18 or 19 months.

However, I called at lunch to see how it was going, and the teacher went on and on about what a good baby he is, how he is the most good-natured baby she's ever seen, he is so easy, they all adore him, and she actually THANKED me for enrolling him- how sweet is that?!

I know I didn't do much to make him this way except have a big sister around to beat him up a bit and suck all the attention away from him so that he has to be ridiculously good, but it still makes me a proud mama! :)

Oh, and also, Everett is kind of army crawling!  The kid won't sit up, but if you put toys he wants in front of him, he'll kind of do that one armed army crawl thing (just a few pushes/pulls) to get it.  I swear he probably won't sit up or walk until he's 5 and can support his giant head without tipping over! ;)

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