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Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Miss Croup-y Pants

Ella has croup. :(  Which means there is a lot of this going on...

It also means I have two unhappy doesn't feel good, and one gets practically fun all around.

She has a fever in the 103s, and even meds don't seem to reduce it much.  The only good thing is that from what I hear, I guess she has a more mild case because she doesn't have that "seal" sounding cough- just a regular sounding cough, and she is still able to sleep through the night and not cough a ton during the day.  The hardest part is keeping her away from Everett- it's near impossible!!!!

Edited to add: You know your kid doesn't feel good when she ASKS you to put her down for a nap...and 30 minutes early at that!

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  1. Logan had croup twice-last spring she had it with a bad fever (105 and not responding to Motrin, so sounds like the same thing that Ella has). Don't worry, there is hope for Everett-when Logan had croup this past November, Holland did not get it!