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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I forgot to post about Mother's Day because I didn't take any photos, but it was a nice day!  We went to church, I went shopping while Ella napped (alone- pure joy), and then we went to a late lunch at Beachcomber.

My Question is, do you take your young toddler to church, and if so, how do you do it?!  There were 4 of us to tag team her, but it was still near impossible.  She didn't want to be held by any of us, which meant she was either walking along the pew waving and saying "HI!" to everyone behind us, tapping the people in front of us on the back to say "hi!", spilling goldfish all over the floor or on the pew in front of us, or trying to escape out the pew and up the aisle, making sure to wave and smile at all the people as she walked by.  No joke, perfect strangers were taking care of my child!  The people next to us followed her up the aisle to bring her back for us, some lady behind us held her for 20 minutes, and the about 8 year old girl (who happened to be named Ella Grace!) sitting next to us tried to keep her occupied with books.  If not for the kindness and assistance of complete strangers, I would have gone mad!  The best part is that while I wanted to shrink down in my seat thinking her antics were completely inappropriate distractions during mass, a man sitting about 3 rows behind us came up to me after mass and said, "you have the most MARVELOUS daughter!".  Um, ok.  It's true, she never screamed or whined and was being very social, but there is a time and place for that, and it's not during mass!  If anyone has tips, please let me know!!!! 


  1. Sounds like fun!! Do they not have child care at your church during services? Ours go to sunday school while we go to the service (although we do take Evan to the service and sit in the "baby area"!)

  2. This is the main reason why we don't go to church right now. We experienced this at my nephews first communion this weekend.

  3. Logan is loud and horrible during church, and is always trying to run onto the main stage area where the pastors preach! Our church has a nursery that goes up to age 3 and she loves going there, so we always do the nursery thing. When she hits three, she will be old enough for Sunday school. Does your church have a nursery or children's program that Ella could go to if she gets too "busy"?

  4. We have a "cry room" at church where parents of little ones sit during mass. Granted, you really don't get to appreciate the service but you are there and everything is piped in on speakers so you can participate.