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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Teacher for a Day!

On April 21st, Ella got to be teacher for a day!  Her dream come true!  We won it at the school fundraiser. :)

Her awesome teacher brought her a hot chocolate from Starbucks and made her an official teacher badge.

She had to take the teacher's oath in front of the whole school...

Then it was time to teach!  She got to sit at her teacher's desk and then stand up in front with her co-teacher...

Time to whip these kids into shape!

She got to have snack in the teacher's lounge!

Reading to the class...

She even got to give (or take away!) dojo points!

This was such a special experience for her!  Anyone that knows Ella knows that she is a rule follower and caretaker...she was born to be a teacher or nurse!

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