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Sunday, March 22, 2015

BIG Day!

It was a big day on Saturday! 

First, we went to the aquarium...which doesn't seem like anything "big" since we're members.  However, we recently booked a trip to Hawaii, and they kids have never flown so we're a little worried about their ability to carry things through the airports, not ride in a stroller withough complaining, etc.  I admit, we're pretty bad about carrying everything for them and letting them ride in the stroller a lot.

Sooooo, we made them carry their own backpacks (the ones we just bought for our trip) with all their own snacks, waters and changes of clothes.  AND...we did not bring a stroller.  First time ever.
It was a huge success!  Even after making them walk all along the path and through Shoreline Village.  Ella did not complain once, and Everett only asked once to have us pick him up (until it was way past naptime, but I don't count that!) and carry his backpack, and when we said no, there was no tantrum!!  It was HEAVEN for me not having to carry all their stuff too.  Baby steps...

This guy was the star of the aquarium...

 We had lunch on the water...

And walked through Shoreline Village...

They were apparently having some kind of Native American festival so the kids got to watch an awesome Native American dance involving hoops (they loved it), and Ella, my timid little girl, went up to this guy all by herself and asked if he would take a picture with her!
She's afraid of Goofy at Disneyland but is willing to hang out with THIS guy?!

BIG NEWS NUMBER TWO: Ella can now ride a bike without training wheels!!!!!!!!!!  We are so proud of her!  I didn't get a good video because she got so much better after this one, but here it is!  Oh, and when you see Everett in a fireman's jacket and spiked helmet...don't ask.

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