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Sunday, April 6, 2014

No Sit!

Ella was so excited to have dinner with her old friend, Brett, who she doesn't get to see much anymore because he switched schools. :(

We had mom's night at school...

Where they have a "hair salon".  But since I had just washed and curled my hair that night and didn't want to do it again before work the next day, I selflessly offered Devon's hair for both Ella and Kaitlyn to work on! ;)

While the orange room mama's had a girl's night out at Roy's, some of the dads took the kids out to dinner...alone!

And another example of my husband's maturity level...Everett has been wanting Rylee off the couch so he's been saying, "Rylee, no sit!!!".  Hooooowever, Everett's 's' tends to sound like 'sh'.  Keep in mind that while this video was taped in the car, Gary made sure that Everett screamed this all throughout Target.  Help me.

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