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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busy Busy

I've been preparing for a trial so I've been ridiculously busy, but I managed to squeeze in a quick marketing trip to Houston where we went to the Houston Rodeo...ever heard of mutton bustin'??
It's crazy!!  5 year olds hold on for dear life on the back of a sheep, and the kid who hangs on longest wins.

We were in the VIP area with a huge Texas BBQ spread (yum!) and a great view of the giant carnival...

We went to a new make your own pizza place by our house where Everett & Sydney showed their love for each other. :)

We had a pajama movie night at Mason's house where Mason and Ryan watched Frozen, and Everett, Ella and Hannah ran around like wild animals (trust the photo of Ella and Hannah laying down together was a fleeting moment!).

We go for Saturday and Sunday morning walks on our street, and we always seem to end up with more kids than we started with!

Ella and Cadence went to the paint store with daddy...

Two little monkeys...Everett and one of his girlfriends, Lauren...

And I know these are getting old, but I figure at least the grandparents would like to see Ella do her rendition of "Let It Go"!

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